Misc gaming news Part 2

•8 August, 2007 • 4 Comments

 – The “Zapper” light gun add-on for the Wii-mote is announced, and it will be sold at US$20 with a light gun game included. It will be compatible with the upcoming RE: Umbrella Chronicles.

Oh boy, does this add-on looks weird. Somebody better change the design fast…

 – Mario Kart Wii is announced, and slated for a 2008 release. There’s going to be a steering-wheel add on for the Wii-mote which will comes along with the game.

From what I read, the wheel was seriously made fun of. I don’t see any problem with it, I mean, how innovative can you get with it? The Zapper had a bigger problem. I’m only interested in the price of the peripheral, since you will definitely need more than one.

– Super Smash Bro Brawl is slated for a December 2007 release. WOO-HOO!!

– Trauma Center: New Blood, a sequel to the surgeon simulation game for Wii is announced. It will be released simultaneously in the US and Japan, probably in time for the holiday season.

Gotta play the 1st one before this.

– Fire Emblem for Wii is going to have a US version coming out. Since this is the sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Gamecube), I better go find that game 1st.

– According to the guys at Siliconera, who were at E3 to talk to the staff at Atlus, mentioned in their gaming blog:

For Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations on the PS2 I was told there is a slim possibility it might come out. A slim chance is still a chance.

At least I can take joy in knowing that they have the intent to do it. Now the next question is whether they will be able to do it.

– There might be a Advance Wars 2 coming out soon this year for NDS. Wo-ho!

 – Apparantly, Nintendo is getting all the new stuff from the “Tales of” series. Tales of Innocence is going to NDS, while a sequel to Tales of Symphonia is heading to Wii. Whereas for Sony, Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut, where there’s a mode you can play from the perspective of Leon, is heading to PS2, while a remake of Tales of Rebirth is heading to PSP. 

– After SRW OGS was released a while back, Banpresto had announced a (tentatively named) SRW OG Gaiden, to be released this winter.

YES! More SRW goodness!

– Three Dragon Quest games are going to be remade for NDS, namely DQIV, DQV and DQVI. DQV had previously been remade on PS2 in 3D, while DQIV was notably remade for PSOne (though I have no idea of it).

Possibility of all three being localised for the 1st time? That will depends on whether DQIX will be localised and how much it will sell. DQVIII did sell like hot cakes, so the possibililty is there.


Shigeru Miyamoto on Times magazine

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Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary game designer, managing director and general manager of the Entertainment Analysis and Development division of Nintendo Co. Ltd.

My favourite question:

Are video games something we should grow out of? Are you still a kid at heart?Christopher Solis, SAN FRANCISCO
I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults. Nintendo wants to make it easier for people to never grow out of video games.

Read the rest of the questions here.

Misc gaming news

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– SRW OGS sold 346,000 copies in the 1st week, even more than the 1st week sales of TheLegend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Japan), Holy shocking, considering this is a remake. Guess it’s the long awaited anticipation that drives up the sales 😀

– There’s a US release date finally for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It’s 27th August 2007. Probably this also mean it will be fully playable at E3 2007.

– The US version of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass will be released on 1st October 2007. Hey hey, I can’t wait! 

Actual footage from SRW OGS (again)

•28 June, 2007 • 1 Comment

Damn, more videos found as I was lurking around the SRW thread at HF. You know the procedure: WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

All attacks (except Phantom Phoenix) of Angelg, piloted by Lamia:

Phantom Phoenix:

All attacks of Alteisen Nacht, piloted by Kyosuke [Nacht is supposedly what Kyosuke (otherwise known as Beowulf in that world) will pilot in the other alternate world where the Shadow Mirror resides, meaning this machine is the “Gespenst Mk-III” that Axel was talking about]:

OGS ATX route scenario 5 Boss attacks and Keitou Shungokuken:

All attacks of Excellence Striker Frame (Raul and Fiona) (I think…):

I’m forcing myself not to succumb to temptation to watch these videos, which is why i choose instead to post on my blog, so as to spoil anybody who walk into this deadly trap *evil grin*.

Actual footage from SRW OGS

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Yes, some people already have their copy, and they were busy posting videos on Youtube.

SPOILER ALERT: These videos are for those who are not playing the game, and yet want to see how beautiful the battle scenes are. If you are going to enjoy the game, you are hereby warned.

Opening credits (and it’s boring…) + Game Demo Part 1:

Game Demo Part 2:

A sneak preview of the biggest move of Sanger’s Grungast Type Zero, Zankantou Shippu Ryoutou:

A sneak preview of Cosmo Nova, by you-know-who 😉 (which I’m not watching as I don’t want to spoil the fun of playing the game :P):

Of Raul and Fiona, and of their machine(s) Excellence, which btw is in Striker frame:

Grrrrrrrrr……… I want to have my copy soon. Hearing those voices in the game just feel so different from playing the handheld versions. Probably I will get the game next week, since I’ve pre-ordered mine through a local game shop. Let’s just hope i will be able to get the artbook. Wish me luck.

SRW OGS 4th Promotional Video and new Famitsu scans

•24 June, 2007 • 2 Comments

Scans courtesy of Duo Maxwell over at HF:

Quote from Duo Maxwell:

– Stage 1 on OG2 will be the first appearance of the 2 Excellence units

– Stage 6 has the first appearance of Lamia

– To use the Twin Battle System, the pilots need to be minimum at 110 Will.

– Some Seishin commands will affect both units during implementation of the Twin Battle System – such as Luck and Acceleration. (And likely similar seishin that was sed in a squad in Alpha 3)

– 2 Twin Seishin Commands are explained.

1) Douchou (Align/Syncro) – which adjusts unit performance to the unit with the higher parameters.
2) Tamashi (Spirit/Soul) which gives the effect of 2.5x damage.

– Twin Battle System isn’t required to finish the game.

– Weapon Selection systems are pretty much the same as before. What’s added though are ammo that can be combined to creat new affects. Depending on what ammo you have, weapons will give different affects. (Probably effects like status ailments, I bet)

– Requirements to obtain the AP (Battle Mastery) are easier in general.

– Obtaining Battle Mastery will effect the amount of enemy units, Twin Battle System usage by the enemy, AI difficulty.

– The OG2 secret last stage that was in the GBA will have no requirements to get in OGs. (I’m guessing the same goes for the fight against Septuagint)

– Some Secret Units from the GBA remain and some will be new.

– New mechs will appear in both OG1 part and OG2.

– New Scenerios are added only on OG2.

– After playing OG2, OG2.5 (newly added scenerios) will be playable.

– If played from OG1, only money will be transfered to OG2 part. (Not sure if this directly contradicts what Terada said before about OG1 units carrying over, but it’s likely there will be previously only OG1 units that will be available.)

– There won’t be any requirements such as “to get so and so in OG2, you need to play from OG1”. So no need to worry about that.

Nothing much new here, with some ambiguous confirmations made by Terada, since this PV serves to pump our blood as the game is to be released on next Thursday. The most interesting part is probably the fact that there are not one, but TWO Excellence machines, and you will get to see both of the SRW Reversal main characters together right at the first stage of OG2. Fiona… wow, another babe to add to the list, lol. There’s a new battle scene where Hagane fires off its main cannons in a Double Attack fashion. Oh, and the theme song is confirmed to be “Rocks”. Not that I need any confirmation anyway, since the news was leaked long ago. But in this video, you can hear the partial song clearly.

Duo Maxwell: PS> I’ve tried to zoom in the image in the last scan, and someone please tell me that I’m not color blind. That AltEisen is Blue O_o.

orisa: Yeah, that’s Nacht, presumably the Gesphenst Mk.III in Shadow Mirror’s world. There are speculations that it’s a secret unit this time around (remember how some people hacked OG2 and saw a blue Alt that didn’t even appear in the game?).

… … *gasps in shock*

A few misc gaming news…

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– Contra is going back to its original 2D roots, where the official sequel to Contra 3: The Alien Wars (SNES) will be developed as Contra 4 for NDS. Let’s just hope this will retain the glory of those good old Contra days.

Manhunt 2 is temporarily suspended as it was slapped with an “Adult-Only” rating according to ESRB standards, and Nintendo and Sony have announced that games with an AO rating will not be released on their platforms, meaning it will not be allowed on the Wii and PS3. Microsoft have also issued a similar announcement, it seems. Great… I was so looking forward to this game. On another note, this game is banned in UK, Ireland is following suit, and possibly Australia too. And as you can guess, Jack Thompson is very happy with how things turn to be.

– The new Katamari title, Beautiful Katamari Damacy, might just be X Box exclusive… Damn… I want a Katamari title for Wii!!

– According to Reuters, here’s the top 3 companies in consumer electronics. 1) Sony 2) Nintendo 3) Matsushita (Panasonic)

Yes, it’s kinda unbelievable, since Nintendo, other than their consoles and games, do not sell any TVs, cameras, DVD players, etc etc etc. No, it’s not that Sony is not doing well, their shares rised 72% over the last two years. It’s just that Nintendo shares doubled tripled quadrupled in the same time frame, thanks to NDS and Wii. Man, I should have bought some Nintendo shares lol.

Miyamoto Shigeru, creator of Mario and Senior Managing Director of Nintendo, was on another important persons’ list. This time it’s on “The 50 Who Matter Now” by Business 2.0, and he’s ranked 20. Only two Japanese were on the list, the other one being Watanabe Katsuaki , President of Toyota.

“The Wii’s motion-sensitive controller has injected a physical dimension into the videogame business, but the real genius of the Wii may be that it appeals to people outside Nintendo’s traditional middle-school demographic. By marketing the Wii aggressively to 25-to 49-year-olds, Miyamoto is breathing new life into a $30 billion industry that was starting to stagnate.

– There’s going to be a Comedy-Adventure game for PSP based on the infamous “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi“.

– Famitsu scores:

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS): 10, 10, 9, 10 – (39/40)

SRW OG: Original Generations (PS2): 9, 8, 8, 8 – (33/40)

Heheh, looks promising. Seems that SRW OGS will no longer be delayed, since the preview score is out. Zelda power sure is scary…